Make up for life

Make up for life? Sounds fresh. LAN xin says, rightness, learn to make up for the life, the life just can be beautiful, relaxed happy person, be full of warmth. I look at my life, almost unkempt and messy, and sometimes when I face a boring day, I feel unspeakable boredom. Be inferior to learn to orchid xin, change for life light makeup. LAN xin says, make up for the life, do not need heavy makeup, need to be downplayed, light sweep moth eyebrow, light to apply makeup, the life is brand-new.

Always make a little something fresh. LAN xin likes to add small ornament for small home, when go out, often can bring a small begonias, or green luo, begonia is placed on desk, green luo is put in the bedroom, pass this little ornament, let life be full of fresh feeling. Still have the curtain of her home, sheet, every season should change different colour, winter is warm tonal, summer is cold tonal, the life is mixed harmoniously and much appearance is colorful. LAN xin often makes small surprises with some small changes, making herself and her family feel happy and adding fresh elements to life.

Always create a little romance. LAN xin pays special attention to those special days in life, such as family birthdays, wedding anniversaries and so on. For her 10th wedding anniversary, she prepared romantic candlelit dinners. She cooked some special dishes, prepared wine and red candles, and celebrated with her husband in the evening. On her daughter's eighth birthday, she held a birthday party for her daughter. She cooked delicious food and prepared some fun things for her. In the evening, the daughter kiss her once say: "have such a mother, I am very happy!"

Create small surprises. LAN xin not only manages the life attentively, also is not careless in the work in the slightest. She works well at work and is popular, so she often has small surprises like raises and awards. These little surprises make life more enjoyable. She writes in her spare time. Unlike me, she was not tired by writing, but did what she wanted, only to work, not to harvest, occasionally published, is a surprise. Every time an article was published, she would read her article to her husband and daughter.

Make small pleasures often. On weekends, I usually sleep at home or surf the Internet. LAN xin says, nest is in the home, failed good time. She often takes her family on outings to enjoy the sunshine in nature. She also likes to organize family parties, communicate with adults and have playmates for children.

LAN xin said that we should love life as we love our appearance. Make up for life, light touch, lightly outline, life will be presented in the most beautiful posture in front of us. Make up for life, so that every day has a fresh look, you will find that everything can be more beautiful.