lifetime seeking

  It took time to fall in love with the past. So slow one needs was lifetime seeking for mister and miss. Right? So slow you need your whole life to love people that suit new uh telephone hall when shooting in. You may long to watching the pollio, meng fei, phoenix jing tian yu, ni feng cheng, man went out or zhong tian men. Oh, uh uh, time was slower in the past.

  Courage. pause, male this time a little bit, even when grading these days to be passed, uh, the moonlight was slower in the past with leisure being indolent. The whole dawn is a cup of tea to interpret with little start wrangling. Moments in the dreams move fast. The pace was slower in the past from one village to another near it. One is a whole day on foot, uh, the days were slower, but warmer in the past through a touch of light mist, year after year time is out. The hunger shoes were finer. In the past, the young ladies with soft eyebrows in their perfect fit stage by stage, more delicate. It took time to fall in love in the past. So slow one needs was lifetime seeking for mr and ms. Right? So slowyou need your whole life to lift people that suit. Now with everything on the go, one gets up earlier a little bit, no time to say, good morning, even hard. You cannot wait. In fact, inner cities and a even five minutes our food or a bit of leisure time after your breakfast,everything is different.

  Now is faster. Everything as in the replacement so fast that life is easily to party. Even you cannot notice it. In fact, claude alive can be combined by one after one highlight, like the classical furnishing export as modern decoration in a simple apartment. Let's doll less dale, much more exquisite. Now, time flies faster. Just keep the pais after complained. Strive for a dream with your daring heart. Embrace your leisure time until you're old, but not in the past. Um. Why not plan for your future earlier? To some extent, uh, now is faster dating with your love after dinner, no time left. In fact, time is innocent, but it is all your minds fault with a peaceful mind walking around the bell tower and australia to it, choosing a book in a country library, wondering in the old avenue of food you forget, time has vanished. Now is faster so fast that we always recall beauty in the past passionately.

  Think of the world once in its purest in fact, for your current anguish, beat it, go to the north square and close your eyes in a moment, overwhelming yourself with those golden days in the past. Enjoy yourself with nothing in your heart. It is good to be an ordinary person at heart. Thought when set slow pace is fine. I beg you a lot when he told fast pace as more spies to life. I agree without second thought like mansion with its luxury, tiny apartment with its refinement. Oh, good. A bad. Tell me not. Um, no matter how slow the past time was,how fast it is in a current. I know the earth and you're a feed the love around your heart. Treasure them with your best. No matter in the past or in the right moment, continue shooting in new mail on to ben titty more totally to tissue le when it I wish into your heart. So sloping guangzhou in you mail long to like holy tea, she hulk and or lan xin mei juan charlie she in you may long to washing the pan. Yang meng fei phoenix.