The sun is still red, in the early morning

departure from here, the sound of the wheels can not help but annihilate the feeling of helplessness, to go where, away from you. The distance on the map can be calculated in centimeters, the heart can not forget you, in the familiar environment everywhere you, to a strange city, start over. Eventually night fell and all the lights in the house were turned off. Standing under the shower head, thinking of you walking slowly, the warm water poured down your hair. I cried, crying without scruple, crashing water accompanied by the sound of sobbing, we really separated! Several centimeters of layout distance, a person in a strange city, reality tells me that I love you, distance can not change the pain of breaking up.

The temperature of sunshine in the morning is cold, sunset and the remaining temperature of the day exist, life must choose to start, choose a beautiful morning, the beginning of hope! Days pass by in pain and laughter. Break up is the season of early spring, everywhere is full of vitality, hope full season. So, when your face, I do not cry, in front of you, I want to be a woman who talks about water. You say you like my quiet and gentle little girl, but you forget, because of your presence, I can, and only need to feel everything with you, I can be at ease and quiet in your side. On this day in early spring, you choose to leave. When you break up, I just need to be a sunflower in early spring, a tough and wild existence. Autumn, autumn, with a heavy harvest, bows its head and no longer looks in your direction. Perhaps, I will harvest a sweet love in autumn. At that time, I will completely forget you. Today, my eyes are still in your direction.

The sun is warm, and the alley at home will also be covered with sunshine. Autumn is autumn. I will turn magnificently and return to the lane full of memories on a warm sunset evening.

You remember, it was a summer night, you sent me home, you said the alley was too deep without street lights, "I promise, you will never go home alone." You seriously said, "You promise," I laughed, and you held my hand tightly and gave me a positive answer. At that time, you and I thought that love would last forever. It's summer too. You and I are together. The birds are playing and making noise in the woods. The sun is just right. You said the words, has become a joke, a person walking in the streets, where you are, where is not far away, because you will always see back, today, without your gaze, I do not fear loneliness, how afraid of the distance!

Autumn, autumn arrived, tidy up their emotions, carrying bags, stepping on the morning sun, toward the place where you exist, alone. With a warm sunshine, I return to the familiar place. In the evening, it was getting dark, the autumn wind blows, in that familiar lane, saw your familiar figure, by the wind blown hair covered up tears eyes, you rushed to me, will I light embrace.