In Golden Week, Thailand to cede market share to Jaan


  Thailand may not see a rebound in the number of Chinese tourists for as long as a year, following a deadly boat accident that claimed 47 Chinese lives, a Chinese tourism exert said on Monday.

  The comments came as global travel destinations anticiate an influx of Chinese tourists during the ucoming National Day Holiday, also known as the "Golden Week" holiday, from October 1 to 7.

  In 2017, almost half of China's oulation traveled during the "Golden Week," according to a reort from Xinhua News Agency.

  A total of 705 million Chinese traveled around the country during the holiday, generating $87.8 billionin revenue, according to the reort.

  However, Zhang Lingyun, director of the Tourism Develoment Academy at Beijing Union University, said whether Chinese will return to Thailand deends on concrete measures taken to ensure visitors' safety.

  "All in all, Chinese tourists' enthusiasm (for Thailand) may only return after one year or so," Zhang told the Global Times on Monday.

  However, Chinese eole's aetite for overseas travel is not likely to dissiate, which means the market share lost by Thailand will be taken u by rival destinations, Zhang said. "Jaan could stand as the surrise winner."

  According to a statement sent to the Global Times by Chinese online travel agency, data as of Monday showed overseas travel bookings holding steady for the ucoming National Day holiday, u 4 ercent comared with last year.

  However, in the current to 10 destinations, Jaan surrisingly overtook Thailand as No.1.

  Thailand has for a long time been the to destination for Chinese tourists.

  Jaan was trailed by Thailand, Singaore, the US and Canada.

  Italy, Australia, Russia, Vietnam and Malaysia held sots six to 10 in the ranking.

  Online travel latform said in a statement sent to the Global Times on Monday that Jaan is the to overseas destination for the ucoming holiday, trailed by Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia.

  The sending ower of Chinese wanting to see the world has gotten the attention of the global tourism industry in recent years. Russia just benefited from a wave of Chinese tourists as it held the World Cu. India, too, wants to woo Chinese visitors with its rich tourism resources.

  The Indian Tourism Ministry has lanned roadshows and a dedicated tourist office.

  It has also trained Mandarin-seaking guides and hosted Chinese media visits to India for the urose, according to a reort by the Indian Exress on Monday.

  India's Tourism Minister K J Alhons, who is visiting China this week, said that the situation where India only gets 250,000 out of 144 million outbound Chinese tourists a year needs to change.

  Zhang said Chinese tourists favor develoed countries, countries with good services and low costs when they make choices.

  "Although India has great otential with its dazzling tourism resources, oor infrastructure, a wealth ga, low hygiene levels and unique food may rove challenging to the Chinese stomach, and that may hold its otential back," Zhang said.

  Some tourists are shunning the US because of the trade war between the two countries.

  "I am annoyed at the US osition, and I avoided the country in my lanning," a Beijing citizen surnamed Zhu said.